Remote Terminal DT-10BM

Ever increasing demand for the use of renewable power sources has led to the strong development of biomass cogeneration plants for the production of electric and heat power. Remote Terminal DT-10BM is part of the DT-10 Remote Terminals range specifically designed for remote monitoring, measurement, protection and control of the switchgear, as well as the connection of the power plant to the distribution grid. The Remote Terminal DT-10BM is located in close proximity to the medium voltage switchgear and power transformer. The Remote Terminal enables the separation of the power plant from the distribution grid in the event of a fault in the feeder or at the request of the system operator. It is also used for remote and local monitoring and control of the medium voltage switchgear and numerical overcurrent protection of the transformer.

Using power quality monitor measurements of electric parameters, produced energy as well as the functions of quality control in accordance with Euro standard EN 50160, ie IEC 61000-4-30 class A or class S are included. An energy meter is also connected to the measuring transformers in the measuring feeder of the switchgear and through the converter it can transmit communication information about energy to two sides, i.e. the owner of the plant and the operator of the system. The control of the switchgear can be performed locally using the keyboard and graphic LCD or remotely (optical connection, GPRS or radio connection) from the power plant control center and / or the system operator center using the SCADA DT-DIALOG system. The DT-10BM has its own uninterruptible DC power supply. Every manipulation with switchgear or protection trip is chronologically registered in the terminal and can be read locally and remotely.

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  • multiprocessor distributed system
  • RS 485 communication link between the Communication Unit and local terminals within the DT-10BM
  • communication between the control centers (SCADA system) and the remote terminal is possible through various media (optical connection, GPRS, radio connection)
  • MODBUS, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 communication protocol
  • power plant energy monitoring available to  owner of the plant and operator of the system
  • measurement and registration of energy quantities, line protection and transformer protection
  • self-test function and signalling the availability of each local terminal and communication unit
  • local signalling of the condition of the plant and display of the measured values (alphanumeric or graphic LCD and LED elements)
  • Integrated uninterruptible DC power supply in the terminal
  • power quality control in accordance with EN 50160 and IEC 61000-4-30 Class A or Class S


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