Mobile Network Concentrator KM2M

Mobile Network Concentrator KM2M, KT-20 Communication Terminal and GGM-20 GPRS Modems enable the communication of the measurement, protection, monitoring and control equipment to the remote control center and the quality control center via a GPRS connection. KM2M is installed in the control center (SCADA) and the quality control center (IPQS). KM2M has two network interfaces: the first interface (WAN) allows connection to the KT-20 and GPRS Modems GGM-20, and the second interface (SCADA / IPQS) is part of the local network in the control center and quality control. A two-way communication between the control / quality center and remote devices is ensured through the WAN network interface.

Communication may be triggered by a KT-20 or GPRS Modem GGM-20 when there is a change in the state of a controlled quantity, a request for data transmission measurements or a request for parameterizing the device. The KM2M concentrator can also initiate communication at the request of the control / quality center.

The second network interface is connected to control computers, that is, power quality control via standard IEC 60870-5-101, (103), (104) and MODBUS TCP protocols.
Parameterization of the Mobile Network Concentrator and connected devices is done using a Web server. Within the parameterization, you can set up network interface settings, add and configure connected remote devices, modify IEC 60870-5-104 protocol settings, MODBUS TCP, and set the parameters of the dynamic DNS server.

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