About us

Development, production and engineering in industrial electronics are the main activities of IEL company founded in 1990.
Our specialty is development and production of modern high quality electronic measuring and protection devices as well as process monitoring and control devices and systems.

Our employees have many years of experience in the field of development of electronic devices and systems for measuring electrical, process and mechanical quantities. A lot of the developed devices are used in industry, military vessels and in ground forces.

In the filed of electric power systems, we have developed and produced a series of protection, measuring, monitoring and control devices for low, medium and high voltage plants (Arc protection, Feeder terminals, Overcurrent and Voltage relays, Monitoring and control terminals, Measuring terminals, Communication devices etc.). One of the most important segments of our activity is remote monitoring and control of substations (switchyards) 10(20)/0,4kV and disconnecting devices and smart grids power system automation.

The implementation of the sophisticated numerical signal processing technologies in development of dedicated intelligent electronic devices allows us to select suitable solutions in smart grids substations remote control, regardless if the solutions are used in revitalization or building new substations.

Together with the largest Croatian companies (Končar, Dalekovod, HEP, HAC, HŽ) we take part in realization of the most significant projects in Croatia (delivery of our own equipment for remote monitoring and control of energy plants on motorways, railways, substations, power plants etc.). We also cooperate with the Ministry of Defence of Republic Croatia on military projects (delivery of our own equipment for measurement, monitoring and control on ships of the Croatian Navy as well as modernization of the system for monitoring and control of the missile launchers on armored vehicles). Individually and jointly with Croatian companies we deliver our own equipment to the world market (Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Albania, Lybia etc.).
Since we have specialist knowledge and solutions for systems of monitoring and control in military facilities, we often use this knowledge in the technology transfer from the military to the industrial applications.

In order to deliver newly developed products on the market in time and with competitive price, functions, energy consumption, etc., in the sharp market competition, for each development project, we use the multidisciplinary work of a number of specialists who combine different techniques and technologies with complex interactions.

With the development of CAD / CAE, DDE systems, we greatly increase the productivity of each of our development engineers, resulting in faster, higher quality development and better product quality respectively.

Before you decide about a cooperation with us, either within the development of new devices, the purchase of standard products, or the service of existing products, we suggest that you contact us to find the best solutions for you.

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