Quality policy

The main activity of the company IEL d.o.o. is development, production and engineering in industrial electronics.

The basic criterion of quality is the satisfaction of our customers. Focusing on their current and foreseeable future needs is the basis of our business stability and further development. We must strive to maintain their full trust in the company IEL d.o.o. as a supplier of competitive products and services.

Achieving the stated quality goals and, consequently, the overall goal of continuing to operate as a successful company is achieved by our resources, our organization, our commitment to work and, above all, our attitude towards quality.

Aware of the importance of such an approach, the management expresses its permanent aspiration to achieve the following permanent values:

  • To lead a policy of continuous development of the company, giving great importance to the monitoring of new technologies and the development of new products following the needs of the market.
  • Have satisfied customers. Continuously develop your own ability to find optimal solutions that will result in the recognition of IEL d.o.o. as a desirable and stable business partner. Collect feedback from customers in order to improve the quality of future products and provide maximum support to customers by promptly providing all necessary information.
  • Maintain and improve partnership relations with suppliers and other interested parties in order to improve the quality of performance towards the end user;
  • Have professional and satisfied employees. Recruit professional and ambitious staff and maintain and improve a pleasant and stimulating work environment. Ensure the possibility and create an obligation of constant professional and personal development and an adequate standard of living for employees.

We look at, analyze and try to manage business risks and try to recognize opportunities for new breakthroughs in them.

It is the duty and obligation of all employees to accept the quality policy as a permanent principle in their own activities.

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