Measuring Terminal MT-10SQ

Measuring terminal MT-10SX is used for measurement, monitoring, control and analysis of electric quantities in low and medium voltage plants, distribution and industrial substations. Measuring terminal can directly substitute more than 50 conventional measuring instruments and transducers. Apart from measurement functions measuring terminal analyses current and voltage distorsion (THD measurement, and measurement of voltage and current harmonics). Optionaly measuring terminal includes 4 digital inputs used as status inputs and 4 digital outputs, that can be used for energy rationalization and management.

Measuring terminal has memory of 2MB used for registration of average, minimal and maximal values of voltage, current, power, power factor energy and THD. Sampling interval for registration is adjustable from 1 second to 1 hour that ensures registration with time stamp in period from one day to few years. Digital inputs can optionaly be connected to ripple control receiver and used for switching between energy tariffs. During periodical inspection of the plant memorized data can be easily read out with Hand held terminal RT-10X. Analisys and registration of collected data is performed with PC program MT-DIALOG 2. MT-10SX can be optionaly connected to the host computer via RS485, optical or Ethernet communication link. In this way all data are accesible on line.

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  • measurement of true RMS values of voltages, currents and power (P, Q, S) with 0,5% accuracy
  • measurement of power factor (cos φ), frequency, active and reactive energy in 4 quadrants
  • measurement of average MD values of currents in adjustable MD time interval
  • THD and harmonics measurement (up to 15th) for currents and voltages
  • measurement and registration of average, minimal and maximal values of currents, voltages and powers with time stamp
  • measurement and registration of average, minimal and maximal values of currents, voltages and powers with time stamp
  • four digital inputs and four digital outputs (option)
  • 4 x 16 digits LCD with backlight
  • communication for data read out on front panel
  • optional double (optical, RS485) or Ethernet communication with host comuter
  • MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS TCP communication protocols
  • power supply from measuring circuit or external
  • small dimensions, according to DIN 43700 for panel instruments

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