Remote Terminal DT-100SE

A rapid development of photovoltaic solar power plants as a result of increasing demands for the use of renewable power sources has set additional requirements for the efficiency of solar power plant management. The DT-100SE Remote Terminal is part of the DT Series Remote Terminal range designed for remote and local measurement, protection, monitoring and controlof photovoltaic solar power plants. The DT-100SE Remote Terminal is a multiprocessor distributed system. The basic element is Info Terminal IT-1, which represents the communication and visual center of the power plant. Info Terminal IT-1 communicates with all subsystems of power plants, i.e. photovoltaic collectors, inverters, weather and process sensors, power grids.

The local graphic LCD monitor displays the status of each subsystem as well as the state of the entire power plant. The LED elements locally alert and signal the most significant state of the power plant. Since IT-1 has a series of communication links (GSM / GPRS, RS485, FCO, Ethernet, radio modem), it is very easy to choose one of them for communication to the master control center with SCADA solar power plant system SOLARVIZ. Remote access to the data measured from the power plant is possible over the Internet, i.e. the Web browser, regardless of remote access point position. The power supply unit ensures uninterrupted power supply to the remote terminal even in case of power failure.

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  • multiprocessor distributed system
  • the basic element of the system is Info Terminal IT-1 and it represents the communication and visualisation center of the power plant
  • very efficient use of all resources of individual distributed subsystems via standard communication links of intelligent electronic units or digital inputs / outputs
  • very easy cabling and connecting the entire power plant system
  • fast detection and troubleshooting when the system is running
  • a big selection of communication links with master control center (GSM / GPRS, radio modem, F.O.)
  • standard communication protocols MODBUS RTU (TCP), Ethernet, IEC 60870-5-101 (104)
  • remote control of the power plant from the SCADA system by SOLARVIZ
  • remote access to measured data from power plants and over the Internet, i.e. Web browser
  • local visualization of power plant status on graphic LCD, alarm on LED elements
  • power plant connection monitoring via the Remote Terminal DT-10SE


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