Meteo Monitor MM-100

Meteo Monitor MM-100 is a microprocessor system for measuring, monitoring and recording meteorological and process conditions in photovoltaic solar power plants. It consists of meteorological and process sensors (Pyranometer, Pt-100 probe, solar meter, anemometer etc) and Analog ANA-3 monitors (4 or 8 analog inputs) located in the appropriate cabinet. In addition to measuring the specified quantity, the monitor also provides local signalling as well as prealarm and alarm signalling for each measuring channel. Meteo Monitor MM-100 is connected in communication link via RS485 (F.O.) communication with the MSE-100 Solar Power Plant Monitor, to which all necessary meteorological and process data are sent.

  • local and remote measurement of meteorological and process quantities in the photovoltaic solar power station
  • it is possible to connect: Pyranometer Pt-100 probe, solar meter, anemometer and other process sensors of standard output signals, 0 (4) -20mA; 0,03-3kΏ; 0-10 V
  • number of measuring channels 4 or 8, for multiple signals (16) ANA-6 Analog Monitor
  • local measurement, signalization and registration of measured quantities
  • communication with MSE-100 Solar Power Plant Monitor via RS485 (F.O. option) communication link and MODBUS RTU protocol
  • uninterruptible power supply
  • dimensions of cabinets 300 x 300 x 210, degree of protection IP 65


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