Monitoring and Control Terminal UST-10G

The Monitoring and Control Terminal UST-10G is used to control, signal, and display the status of a medium voltage and / or low voltage switchgear. Control of switchgears (disconnecting switches, breakers, grounding switches) can be performed locally (via keypad) and remotely (via communication). In addition to the UST-10G management function, the LCD graphically shows the configuration of the switchgear unit with alphanumeric markings of individual appliances and feeds. Any change in the condition of the appliance dynamically changes the image on the display. The Monitoring and Control Terminal also enables alarm function with 8 LED elements.

Different states of the medium voltage and low voltage plants can be alarmed through their contacts (e.g. Buchholz protection, overcurrent protection trip, transformer protection trip, etc.).

Optionally, via sensor inputs (unconventional current sensors), the UST-10G can detect a short circuit and a ground fault in individual feeds.
If the UST-10G is connected to an Overcurrent Relay, the Monitoring and Control Terminal may be able to operate the APU (automatic reset) function.

The Monitoring and Control Terminal can be used in distribution switchgears 10 (20) kV, distribution and industrial substations 10 (20) / 0,4 kV, as well as in other switchgear installations.

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  • microprocessor signal processing
  • graphic representation of the state of the switching plant
  • local or remote control of switchgear
  • alarm processing in accordance with DIN 19235 or ISA alarm sequences
  • list of alarms and events
  • self-test function, local and remote signalling of device availability
  • own power supply of input contacts galvanically separated from the device power supply
  • great resistance to transients
  • automatic reset function (fast and slow)
  • simple form for entering the text of individual channels
  • small dimensions according to DIN 43700 for mounting instruments
  • simple connection using plug terminal
  • remote control via RS485, FO, Ethernet and MODBUS RTU (TCP) communication, IEC 60870-5-104 protocol

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