Feeder Terminal TP-10

TP-10 Feeder Terminal is a multi-functional device designed for measurement, protection, monitoring and control of medium voltage substations, industrial plants and renewable energy sources. The Feeder Terminal is realized on the basis of multiprocessor technology and numerical signal processing. By quickly sampling the measured current and voltage quantities, the processor calculates the instantaneous values and, in accordance with the set algorithms, performs the defined measurement, protection and control functions. When the renewable energy source is connected to the medium voltage grid, TP-10 has the possibility of disconnecting the renewable source from the distribution grid in the event of a line failure by acting on the medium voltage circuit breaker via overload protection, i.e. overcurrent protection, short circuit and ground fault protection as well as undervoltage, overvoltage, underfrequency , overfrequency, df / dt protection and protection against circuit breaker failure.

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If automatic reclosing is desired, the Auto Reclose (AR) function can be selected. Switchgear control can be performed locally via keypad and remotely via optical or RS485 communication. In addition to the TP-10 control function, the graphic LCD dynamically signals the status of the switchgear and displays the measured values of electrical quantities (3xI, Io, 3xUf, 3xUl, Uo, P, Q, S, cos φ) of a particular feeder. The Feeder Terminal also provides local and remote signaling functions (16 LED elements). Different states of the plant can be included in signaling function through their contacts e.g. by the protection tripping, power plant operation (grid operation, isolated operation, out off operation etc.). Configurable logic functions (AND, OR, IF, Timers, Counters .. ) enable the user to achieve specific blockings, protection and control of the plant. Feeder Terminal can be connected in communication link with the CJ Central Unit, Info Terminal IT-2, Remote Terminal DT-10TS or some other SCADA system for remote control of the switchgear.

  • numerical signal processing
  • simple connection of standard transformers or unconventional sensors
  • overcurrent protection (overload, short circuit, ground fault), undervoltage, voltage, underfrequency, overfrequency, df / dt protection, protection against negative current component, circuit breaker protection
  • measurement (3xI, Io, 3xUf, 3xUl, Uo, P, Q, S, cos φ)
  • local and/or remote control of switchgears (up to 5, multiple devices upon request)
  • alarm processing in accordance with DIN 19235 or ISA alarm sequences
  • display of the appliance state on the graphic LCD
  • self-test function, local and remote signalling of device availability
  • own supply of input contacts galvanically separated from the power supply
  • RS485, ETH, F.O. communications with CJ Central Unit, Info Terminal IT-2, or SCADA system
  • small dimensions according to DIN 43700 for mounting instruments
  • MODBUS RTU (TCP), IEC 60870-5-103 (104), IEC 61850 communication protocol
  • possibility of additional communication with the billing meter and Remote Terminal of the DT-10 series for remote control of the renewable energy source connections


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