Monitoring and Control Terminal UST-10Gc

Monitoring and Control Terminal UST-10Gc is used for monitoring and control distribution / industrial substations and renewable energy sources connection to the distribution grid. Switchgear apparatus control can be performed locally i.e. through the keyboard and remotely through communication. In addition to the monitoring and control function, the UST-10Gc has the option of installing auxiliary module for the ground fault and short circuit indication. The graphic LCD shows the configuration of the switchgear, or renewable source connection respectively. Any change in the state of the apparatus dynamically changes the image on the display.

The Monitoring and Control Terminal also enables alarm function with 16 LED elements. Different states of the plant can be alarmed e.g. circuit breaker overcurrent protection trip, overvoltage / undervoltage protection trip, subfrequency / overfrequency protection trip, battery charger fault, etc.). The UST-10Gc, besides the control and management functions, also provides the function of the communication center where it can communicate with other terminals in the system (e.g. MT-10 (20), IK-5) or switchgears (breakers). Measuring Terminals MT-10SQ and MT-20Q are used for measuring electrical quantities or controlling the power quality according to EN 50160 or IEC 61000-4-30. The communication with the master control center of the system operator is realized depending on the available communication link via the communication unit (F.O. , GPRS, Ethernet switch, radio link) built into the DT-10TSc Remote Terminal.

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  • microprocessor control system for compact substation 10 (20) / 0.4 kV and renewable energy source connection facility
  • predefined single-pole diagrams of switchgear of various manufacturers (e.g. 2VT, 3VT, 4VT, etc.) and renewable energy source connection facility (2VSpM, 3VSpM, etc.)
  • very easy selection of device type on a graphic LCD
  • local control via keyboard
  • display of disconnecting switch state on graphic LCD
  • sixteen alarm inputs for alarm signalling or substation status on LED elements
  • own power supply of the input contacts galvanically separated from the power supply of the device
  • communication with other terminals and switchgears according to MODBUS RTU protocol
  • chronological event and alarm registration
  • different connections to the control center are possible (radio, ETH, GPRS, optical) according to IEC 60870-5-101 (104) protocol, parameterization via Web Server, SD
  • indication of ground fault and short-circuit is possible with its own module or over IK Fault Indicator
  • very small dimensions 192 x 96 x 90 mm
  • very economical solution for controlling a compact switchgear


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