Intelligent Connection Box ISK-xx

Intelligent Connection Box ISK-xx is intended for connecting photovoltaic solar collectors to DC / AC inverters in a solar power plant. Depending on the size of the power plant and the number of fields, options can be made with 8, 16 and 24 line connections. The connection box also includes a DC switch for the possibility of separating solar collectors from the rest of the power plant. The Intelligent Connection Box contains a microprocessor that enables the measurement and monitoring of the current of each line of the connection, measuring process quantities (2 inputs), box opening signalling and the status of the switch signalling . All information are transmitted by the communication link RS485 (F.O.) to the MSE-100 solar power monitor.

  • connecting photovoltaic collectors with DC / AC inverters
  • selection of 8, 16 or 24 connection lines, PG 11 inlet
  • DC switch for separating photovoltaic solar collectors from the power plant
  • measuring and monitoring the current of each line and the total current
  • process quantities measurement (2 inputs 0-10V or 0 (4) -20mA)
  • the box opening detection
  • communication with the MSE-100 Solar Power Monitor
  • RS485 communication (FSO on request), MODBUS RTU protocol
  • box with UV and IP 65 protection
  • 12 VDC continuous power supply
  • dimensions ISK-08 (600 x 200 x 120); ISK-16 (1200 x 200 x 120); ISK-24 (1800 x 200 x 120)
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