Solar Power Plant Info Terminal IT-1

Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant Info Terminal IT-1 is a multiprocessor device designed for monitoring, managing, registering and visualizing the solar power station. IT-1 is a communication and visual center of a solar power plant. According to the solar power plant, communication link is established or digital and analog inputs / outputs are connected to some subsystems e.g. with photovoltaic collectors via ISK-xx Intelligent Connection Boxes, with inverters via inverter controllers, with meteorological and process sensors via Weather Monitors (MM-100), with the power grid (power plant connection) via the DT-10SE Remote Terminal. The graphic LCD display dynamically displays the status of each subsystem as well as the entire power plant. As a multifunctional device, it also enables local and remote visualization and system status registrations.

A range of communication links is available for communication with the control center, e.g. GSM / GPRS, Radio modem, RS485, FO, Ethernet, Web portal etc. According to the available communication paths, remote control with the power plant is realized through the DT-100SE Remote Terminal which also contains an uninterruptible power source.

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  • a communication and visual center of a solar power plant
  • monitoring and visualization of photovoltaic solar collector states via digital inputs and / or communications with IKS-xx Intelligent Connection Boxes
  • monitoring, control and visualization of inverter status via digital inputs and / or communication with inverter controllers
  • monitoring and visualization of meteorological conditions via communication with the Weather Monitor MM-100
  • monitoring and visualization of the connection status to the power grid via the DT-10SE Remote Terminal or digital inputs
  • remote monitoring of the power plant from the power plant control center via the DT-100SE Remote Terminal
  • graphic LCD for local visualization of the state of each subsystem and the entire power plant
  • alarm of the state of the power plant on 12 LED elements
  • registering the power system status to SD memory
  • MODBUS, ETHERNET, IEC 60870-5-101 (104) communication protocol
  • small housing dimensions for panel mounting (DT-100SE)
  • 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 analog process inputs (optional)


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