Substation remote control (switchyard) 10(20)/0,4 kV

  • Remote Terminals DT-10TS are intended for remote control of substations (switchyards) 10(20)/0,4kV and Renewable Energy Sources grid connection
  • Depending on the complexity of the plant, besides monitoring and control, Remote Terminals can also integrate ground fault and short circuit indication functions as well as energy and power quality parameters
  • Remote Terminals can be realized in several versions; for instance as a single cabinet, two separate cabinets or integrated in the switchgear
  • for complex distribution switchgear (Renewable Energy Sources grid connection), Remote Terminals DT-10TSp are used which, besides the mentioned functions, also integrate the separation feeder protection functions
  • in addition to standard measuring transformers also nonconventional sensors can be used for voltage and current measurements
  • Remote Terminals use all standard communication protocols MODBUS RTU(TCP), IEC 60870-5-101(104), IEC 61850 for communication with a SCADA system
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