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Project: Digitization of operations and business processes of the company IEL a stronger market position, increased competitiveness and higher productivity – NPOO.C1.1.2.R3-I3.01.0019

User: IEL d.o.o.

Project implementation period: March 8, 2023 – March 8, 2024.

Total value of the project: EUR 59,539.44

Amount of EU co-financing: EUR 26,901.99

Project description:

The key problem is precisely the insufficient degree of digitization of business processes and overall operations. The project fulfilled its goal, i.e. by investing in the digitalization of the company IEL d.o.o. in the form of the procurement of ERP for the integration of business processes, computer equipment, and by strengthening the digital skills of employees, the digital transformation of business and business processes is enabled, which results in a strengthening of the market position, greater competitiveness and increased productivity.

The subject project is reflected in the procurement of the necessary hardware equipment and ERP systems, which as such are an operational prerequisite for raising the level of digitization of business.

Specifically, the following activities were carried out during the project:

  1. procurement of digital solutions and strengthening of employees’ digital skills
  2. acquisition of computer equipment intended for the advancement of digitization
  3. creation and implementation of the digital transformation
  4. plan publicity and visibility

The target groups of the project are clients to whom a larger quantity of quality products will be delivered at the same time, employees who will work in better working conditions, and the social community whose betterment will be contributed to by increased income and growth in new markets.

Goals and expected results of the project:

The goal or purpose of the project of the User IEL d.o.o. reads: “By investing in digitization in the form of procurement of ERP solutions and computer equipment and by strengthening the digital skills of employees, we will enable the digital transformation of business and business processes, which will ultimately result in the strengthening of the company’s market position, greater competitiveness and increased productivity.”

The expected results of the project are:

  • acquired 1 (one) ERP solution for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of business processes in business
  • more than 30% of employees strengthened their digital skills to work in ERP
  • acquired 5 (five) desktop computers – type 1
  • acquired 4 (four) pieces of desktop computers – type 2
  • acquired 2 (two) laptops
  • acquired 7 (seven) barcode readers
  • created and delivered 1 (one) digital transformation plan for the business of IEL d.o.o.

which presents an overall instruction on how to implement digitization measures, with what resources and with what goal

  • informational posters about the project are placed in frequent places and promote the benefits of using grants from the EU, specifically from NPOO
  • stickers were placed on the purchased equipment and project documentation in order to promote the benefits of using grants from the EU, specifically from NPOO
  • an announcement with official emblems and a brief description of the project was posted on the company’s official website


Contact person for more information:

Davor Štefok
E-mail address:
Mobile: +385 92 286 8088


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