Communication Control Unit CJ-50

CJ-50 Communication Control Unit is used to communicate with multiple local terminals (Feeder Terminal TP-10, UST series Monitoring and Control-Terminals, MT series Measuring Terminals, AM series Alarm Monitors, NR series Overcurrent Relays, etc.) and the control center. The Communication Control Unit is a multiprocessor device that connects local terminals with a monitoring and control center via RS485, RS232, F.O. and ETHERNET communication links using one of the available protocols: MODBUS RTU (TCP), IEC 60870-5-101 (103) (104), IEC 61850. The CJ-50 has eight communication lines for communicating with a supervisory or subordinate systems respectively and local terminal parameterization and diagnostics.

The Communication Control Unit’s software support depends on the configuration of the system and the selected protocol. The parameterization of the CJ-50 Central Unit is performed using the CJ-DIALOG program.

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  • communication with local terminals via RS485, RS232, F.O. or ETHERNET lines
  • communication with the remote control center via RS485, RS232, F.O. or Ethernet lines and some of the available communication links (radio link, GPRS connection, optical connection)
  • one of the standard protocols for communication with the control center is available: MODBUS RTU (TCP), IEC 60870-5-101 (104) (optional), IEC 61850 (optional)
  • eight communication lines
  • registration and grouping the acquired data into SD memory
  • time synchronization after receiving a message from the remote control center (SNTP) or GPS
  • CJ-DIALOG parameterization: selecting communication parameters with the supervisory system – CJ-50 address, transfer rate, etc., selecting communication parameters with subordinate systems – local terminal types, local terminal addresses, analog measurement hysteresis, etc.


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