Energy Info Terminal ITE-2

Energy Info Terminal ITE-2 is a multiprocessor device for monitoring, control, registration and visualization of electrical quantities measured in a power plant. ITE-2 is an economical communication and visualisation center for the electric power plant. Intelligent Electronic Devices – Measuring Terminals series MT and Monitoring and Control Terminals series UST distributed in the power plant are connected to ITE-2 via communication link.The Energy Info Terminal has a built-in MT-ENERGY software with the task of data acquisition from the Measuring Terminals series MT, data processing, registration and preparing for visual presentation on the color graphical LCD. Optional EMAX software enables the realization of the peak demand control functions.

In order to connect with the power quality control center or the SCADA system for additional analysis, statistical processing and reporting, the Info Terminal enables a number of communication links, for example, Ethernet, GSM / GPRS, Radio modem, RS485, F.O., Web server, etc.

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  • Energy Info Terminal ITE-2 is a very economical communication center for measurement and control the power plant
  • Energy Info Terminal ITE-2 acquires, processes and stores data from Measuring Terminals MT series and Monitoring and Control Terminals UST series
  • MT-ENERGY software package acquires, stores and registers data that can be displayed locally on a graphic color LCD and sends them to the control center via communication
  • peak power demand control with EMAX (optional)
  • Measuring Terminals MT and Monitoring and Control Terminals UST are communicating with ITE-2 via RS485, F.O. or Ethernet communication
  • Energy Info Terminal ITE-2 has the capability of various communication links with the control center: Ethernet, GSM / GPRS, Radio Modem, RS485 and F.O.
  • communication with the power quality center or SCADA system can use the standard communication protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, IEC 60870-5-104 (101)
  • small dimensions of the housing for mounting on the wall, panel, rack, desk


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