Preamplifier PP-10

Preamplifier PP-10 is used for signal conditioning in medium voltage substations and switchgears. The preamplifier uses the measuring method of unconventional measuring transformers and connects to a capacitive link that is integrated into the medium-voltage cable connector or capacitive voltage isolator.

Each preamplifier allows the measurement of three phase voltages. In this way, it is possible to replace expensive and large medium voltage transformers. By connecting conventional current transformers and PP-10 Preamplifiers with MT-10S Measuring Terminal, it is possible to measure all the power parameters of a single feeder and monitor the power flows in the system.

  • unconventional medium voltage measurement method
  • measuring phase voltages of a medium voltage switchgear through a capacitive connection
  • a compact measurement solution for a feeder, i.e. one amplifier measures three phase voltages
  • galvanic insulation input / output
  • output current signal ± 10mA insensitive to interference
  • small dimensions
  • economical way of measuring the medium voltage

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