Portable measuring, registration and control system PMC-100Pro

The Portable Measuring System PMC-100Pro is intended for measurement, registration and dynamic analysis of the mechanical quantities of various mechanical structures. In addition to measuring basic mechanical quantities such as stresses, absolute and relative vibrations, shifts, etc., the measuring system also provides telemetric torque, speed and power measurement on the shaft using a portable torsiometer system PTMS. Based on the strain measurement (strain gauge), the measuring system also measures the torsional vibrations of the shaft. The basic elements of the measuring system are: JKS unit for conditioning the measured signals, PTMS portable torsiometer system, PC notebook computer and PMC-Dialog software. The unit for acquisition and processing measurement signals JKS is intended for adjusting the measuring signals of the transducers and sensor for further processing. Measuring transducers and sensors can be: strain gauges, accelerometers, displacement sensors, inductive and optical sensors, temperature sensors, 4-20 mA and 0-10V sensors, etc.

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The conditioning unit is realized as a portable standalone unit that is connected to the notebook via a communication link. The computer accepts the processed measured quantities via communication, registers them on the hard drive and visualizes using the PMC-Dialog software. The software enables the parameterization of measuring encoders (sensors) as well as the entire measurement channel (e.g. filtration, etc.). The software enables communication between the user and the measurement process by displaying the current values of the measured quantities on the screen and the registration of the measured quantities for immediate or later analysis. The PMC-100Pro Measuring System and software allow the additional upgrades of the most complex software packages for possible additional expert analysis. The entire PMC-100Pro control system provides all the necessary power supplies from the 230 VAC, 24VDC supply or from its own uninterruptible power supply on an additional demand.

  • programmable hardware and software equipment of portable measuring system
  • maximum of 48 analog inputs (± 10V, 0-20mA, accelerometers-IEPE, inductive, optical, strain gauges)
  • maximum of 24 digital inputs / outputs (5V, TTL or 24VDC)
  • 8 accelerometer Inputs for direct IEPE accelerometer connection or 8 general analog inputs for connecting remote accelerometers via preamplifier NP-3000
  • 4 digital inputs for torque, power and shaft speed measurement with PTMS
  • telemetry measurement of torque, power, speed and torsion vibrations with PTMS integrated with PMC-100Pro
  • very small dimensions of the measuring system, two portable suitcases (JKS and PC)
  • possibilities for additional expert analysis by upgrading with the latest software packages


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