Measuring Terminal MM-AC/DC

Measuring Units of the MM-AC / DC series are microprocessor devices designed for remote monitoring of alternating (AC) and DC (DC) power and process quantities in a distributed power system. The MM unit replaces a series of classical measuring transmitters in the remote control system of the power plant. The MM unit as a local terminal communicates with the master system in a very simple way by one of the standard communication protocols (e.g. MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS DP, MODUBUS TCP).

MM series of Measuring Units can be used as local terminals in DT-10TS Remote Terminals to measure general AC and DC quantities. The MM-AC Measuring Unit with rapid sampling of alternating measured quantities calculates the true RMS value (TRMS) of current and voltage. The connector uses standard current input (1A or 5A) or voltage input (57.7 or 230V) inputs. The MM-DC Measuring Unit is intended for measuring analog process quantities e.g. 0 (4) -20mA or 0-10V DC. Universal analogue inputs on the MM-DC module enable in addition direct connection of resistance signals (eg Pt100) without measuring transducers for temperature.
In addition to the values displayed on the graphic LCD, MM has indicators that can be used to signal the alarm limits (two levels: pre-alarm and alarm) by means of bi-color LEDs.

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measuring unit for monitoring AC electric power quantities

  • a series of conventional measuring converters replacement
  • measurement of the true RMS values of current (5 channels) and voltage (3 channels)
  • easy installation, small dimensions
  • MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS TCP communication protocols

measuring unit for controlling DC process quantities

  • a series of conventional measuring converters replacement
  • universal measuring inputs for current, voltage and resistance process signals (8 channels total)
  • alarm signaling (two levels) with bi-color LED elements, measured quantities display on the graphic LCD
  • simple installation, small dimensions


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