Measuring Terminal MT-15

MT-15 Measuring Terminal is designed for measurement, monitoring, control and analysis energy quantities in low and medium voltage plants, distribution and industrial substations. MT-15 replaces more than 50 convectional measuring instruments and measuring converters. In addition to measuring energy quantities, the Measuring Terminal also allows voltage and current distortion analysis, THD measurement, measurement of individual current and voltage harmonics.

Due to built-in large memory (2MB) and real-time clock, the Measuring Terminal has the ability to register maximum, mean and minimum values of current, voltage, power and energy (daily, monthly and annual) with time-stamps. If three digital inputs are used to acquire tariff information (e.g. from the MTU receiver) or programmed (by setting time intervals), the MT-15 can register total active and reactive energy for each tariff as well as the total amount of energy. The Measuring Terminal has standard two relay outputs and optionally four digital inputs and two semiconductor outputs that can be used as status outputs or as pulse or relay outputs for energy rationalization and management. Registration and analysis of measuring quantities are performed using the MT-Dialog 3 software package. Connecting the device over an optical, RS485, or ETHERNET communication to ITE-2 Info Terminals, all measured and registered data can be immediately available on-line.

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  • measurement of true RMS voltage and current values, accuracy of 0.2%, power (P, Q, S) accuracy of 0.4%
  • measurement of the power factor (cos φ), frequency, active and reactive energy in four quadrants and two directions
  • measurement of mean values of current, power (P, Q, S) in time interval (MD-maximum demand)
  • measurement of asymmetry, THD and harmonics (up to 31) of current and voltage
  • recording peak, mean and minimum values of current and voltage as well as power, energy (daily, monthly, annual) with time-stamp
  • active and reactive energy tariffs (up to three tariffs) and total (optional)
  • graphic LCD with backlight
  • optional RS485, optical or Ethernet communication with a master system
  • small dimensions (6TE, DIN 43880), mounting on the standard 35mm DIN rail



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