Portable Measuring Terminals PMT series

PMT Portable Measuring Terminals are the part of IEL’s energy measurement, registration and analysis equipment range. Unlike permanent installation Measuring Terminals (e.g. MT-10SX, MT-10SQ, MT-20, ME-10 etc.) Portable Measuring Terminals are used for occasional power consumption analyzes of a single segment of electrical grid. The basic elements of the Portable Measuring Terminals are: Measuring Terminals (e.g. MT-10SQ, MT-20) adapted to connect with current transducers (Rogowski coil, current sensor, current clamp), cable ties for voltage line connection, MT- DIALOG software package, GSM / GPRS modem, portable storage suitcase or external installation cabinet.

Measuring Terminals measure, acquire, process and analyze a set of measuring quantities in accordance with the defined measurement program. The MT-DIALOG software package enables parameterization of the Measuring Terminal, graphical and tabular presentation of the acquire and analyzed data on the PC and offers the ability to store data in its own database or transfer to other databases. Portable Measuring Terminals can be designed as distributed units, as compact units in the carrying case or as external mounting cabinets.

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