Monitoring and Control Terminal UST-4

  • economical remote and local monitoring and control of low voltage switchgear plantsUST-4 can be used as the local operator panel and the basic element of remote control.
  • UST-4 can be used as the local operator panel and the basic element of remote control.  UST-4 allows local and remote monitoring, control and signalling of the state of multiple apparatus in one switchgear
  • communication integration with the MT-10 (20) series Measuring Terminals and the VR-100 series Voltage Relays additionally enable local and remote measurement of electrical quantities and supervision of low voltage busbars
  • using NN DIALOG software installed on a personal computer it is possible to completely monitor and control the state of the low voltage plant, and to exchange data with other systems in the network via communication link
  • functional integration of man machine interface (MMI) and remote terminal unit for multiple low voltage apparatus
  • local and remote control of up to 4 apparatus in low voltage switchgear

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  • dynamic signalling of the state of the apparatus on bi-color LED elements (4 channels)
  • monitoring of alarm channels (12 programmable channels) in accordance with DIN 19235 or ISA alarm sequences or signalling the state of the plant
  • local control of the appliances via the foil keyboard
  • own power supply of input contacts galvanically separated from the power supply of the device
  • chronological event registration 1ms
  • possible dual communication (with SCADA system and individual switchgear)
  • communication type: RS485, ETHERNET, optical, MODBUS protocols (other protocols on demand)
  • parameterization of the device via the RS232C port
  • self-test function, local and remote signalling of the device availability
  • visualization of the state of the plant, i.e. remote control of the facility from a personal computer using the NN DIALOG program
  • small dimensions according to DIN43700 standard for mounting instruments (96x96x90 mm)
  • easy connection using a plug in terminal blocks


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