Energy Monitor ME-15

ME-15 Energy Monitors are used in all low voltage distribution plants where remote monitoring and analysis of power consumption and power quality is requiredon on multiple cable feeders. Typical applications are in the low voltage part of the substation 10 (20) / 0.4 kV as well as in data centers, shopping centers or in all places where rational energy management is desired. The ME-15 monitor with MT ENERGY software is a very cost-effective solution for monitoring and control of energy consumption, i.e. the allocation of energy costs in low voltage AC distribution to each point of consumption.

The basic elements of the ME-15 Monitor are: ME-PJ Processing Unit, SS-x series Current Sensors (or ME-SM series Sensors) and ME-PP Connector Panel. The SS-3 current sensors are mounted on each power line and via the ME-PP Connection Panel are connected to the Processing Unit. The Processing Unit can accept six three-phase power feeders. One-phase power feeders can also be accepted. If you want to monitor more power feedres, more ME-15 monitors are interconnected by RS485 communication. In addition to the measurements of active and reactive energy in feeders, the Processing Unit measures and analyzes other electrical quantities of the feeder (U) and single feeder (I, Io, U, P, Q, S, f, cos φ, THD, harmonics, interharmonics and asymmetry.

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  • the ME-PJ process Unit, besides measuring and controlling the power quality, communicates with the other Process Units and Measuring Terminals of the MT series
  • some of the communication modules (Ethernet, GPRS, RF, WiFi) are installed in the Power Monitor for connection to the control center
  • Energy Monitors can also be mounted in low voltage distribution cabinets
  • simple installation into existing and new plants
  • analog input and 4 digital inputs / outputs for control and consumption monitoring


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