Torsion measurement system for torque control and shaft rotation speed TMS

  • measuring torque, power and speed on the ship shaft
  • optimization of fuel consumption and control of the ship’s propulsion system
  • load balancing in multi-propeller ship propulsion systems
  • permanent vibration measurement and analysis
  • alarm (ALERT and DANGER) when exceeding maximum torsional torque and vibration
  • chronological registration of measurements and events
  • communication with a master monitoring and control system
  • contactless torque and speed measurement
  • high accuracy
  • remote and local indication of torque, power and rotational speed
  • microcontroller processing of measured quantities
  • automatic calibration of zero and full scale
  • multiple shaft measurement (maximum 3)
  • wireless power supply of electronic units on the shaft
  • fast mounting on the shaft without mechanical intervention or dismounting of the shaft
  • reliability in operation in a wide temperature range, resistance to shock, vibration and aggressive atmosphere
  • easy maintenance

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