Serial port to Ethernet Converter KON-30

KON-30 Converter enables the connection of distributed equipment (e.g. MT-10SQ, VR-100, AM-16, UST-10G, etc.) with serial communication (optical F.O. or RS485) via the ETHERNET switch to the control center. If the distributed equipment is working with the MODBUS RTU protocol in the control center, it is necessary to install a control communication program that emulates the virtual serial port. The program is an integral part of the delivery of the KON-30 converter. In this case, the control center uses the standard functions of the MODBUS RTU protocol and communicates with the distributed equipment via a virtual serial port.

KON-30 also allows the connection of the Communication Control Unit CJ-20 to the control center using Ethernet and IEC 60870-5-104 protocols.

  • connecting the device with F.O. or RS485 / RS232 communication and MODBUS RTU protocol via ETHERNET communication to the control center
  • connecting the Central Unit CJ-20 to the Ethernet control center via IEC 60870-5-104 Protocol
  • media conversion F.O. or RS485 to ETHERNET
  • speed transfer selection from 9.6 kBd to 1.5 Mbd using DIP switch S1 (for RS485 media)
  • optical signalling of the connection and operation of optical lines
  • transmission distance up to 1500 m with multimode 62.5 / 125 μm optical cable (G.F.O.) or 60 m with multimode 980/1000 μm optical cable (P.F.O.)
  • wide voltage range of the converter power supply
  • small dimensions, wall mounting
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