Converter F.O./RS485(RS232) KON-10

KON-10 Converter is used to convert optical communication medium to an electrical (RS485 or RS232C communication line). The converter enables the connection of distributed equipment with RS485 (RS232C) communication via an optical cable to a remote Communication Control Unit. Also, using the KON-10 Converter, the optical output equipment can be connected to the RS485 line or the RS232C line.

KON-10 is intended for use in power and industrial plants, as well as in other plants where transmission of information insensitive to interference is required.

  • transmission and conversion are independent of the communication protocol
  • speed transfer selection from 9.6 kBd to 1.5 Mbd using DIP switch S1
  • optical signalling of the connection and operation of optical lines
  • transmission distance up to 1500m with multimode 62.5 / 125 μm optical cable (G.F.O.) or 60m with multimode 980/1000 μm optical cable (P.F.O.)
  • wide voltage range of the converter power supply
  • small dimensions, wall mounting

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