Star Coupler STAR-20

Star Coupler STAR-20 provides connecting of distributed devices with optical communication in star configuration to one central unit. Depending upon position of switch S2, device can operate in two modes: The first mode interconnects data from six optical inputs to one RS485 (RS232C) communication line. The second mode interconnects data from five optical inputs CH1-CH5 to output CH0. Slave units connected to optical lines should have different addresses. If more than six optical lines are required, it is possible to connect up to 31 devices STAR-10 on one RS485 line. In this way, distributed star coupler is obtained with more optical inputs. Star Coupler is intended for use in power and industrial plants and in other plants where fast and reliable data transfer is ensured in harsh environment.

  • data transfer and media conversion independent of communication protocol
  • cascading of up to 31 devices STAR-10
  • data rate selection 9,6 kbps to 1,5Mbps by setting DIP-switch S1 for RS485
  • indication of data transfer on optical lines
  • line length up to 1500m for multimode 62,5/125mm optical cable (G.F.O.) or 50m for 980/1000mm multimode optical cable (P.F.O.)
  • wide range of auxiliary power supply voltages
  • small dimensions, wall or DIN rail mounting
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