Communication Terminal KT-20

The KT-20 Communication Terminal is a multiprocessor device designed for connection of measuring, signaling, control and protection devices in a distribution substation with control centers via communication link. Intelligent electronic devices such as feeder terminals, measuring terminals, quality monitors, alarm monitors distributed in the substation can be connected to different communication lines (RS485, RS232, FO and Ethernet) and, via the KT-20 Communication Terminal, with control center (SCADA) and power quality control center (IPQS). For connection to control centers and power quality control, the Communication Terminal KT-20 has a range of communication links such as Ethernet, GPRS, Radio Modem, WiFi Modem, F.O. etc. using one of the standard communication protocols such as MODBUS RTU (TCP), IEC 60870-5-101, (103), (104); IEC 61850.
The implemented software of the KT-20 Communication Terminal depends on the configuration of the system and the communication protocols chosen.

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  • configuration and parameterization of the Communication Terminal KT-20 is performed locally and remotely (Web) using KT DIALOG software
  • communication with local terminals via RS485, RS232, F.O. or ETHERNET line
  • communication with remote control center and power quality control center via RS485, F.O. or Ethernet lines and some of the available communication links (radio link, GPRS connection, optical connection, WiFi)
  • one of the standard MODBUS RTU (TCP), IEC 60870-5-101 (103), (104), IEC 61850 protocols
  • ten communication lines (RS485, RS232, ETH, USB)
  • registers and groups the acquired data into SD memory


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