Current Sensing Unit SM

Current sensing unit SM increases the reliability of arc protection system, because it eliminates the possibility of tripping caused by other light sources than electrical arc. Some of the sources that can generate intense light are: photo flushes, normal arc light in large circuit breakers etc. When the feeding current exceeds the setting, current sensing unit SM gives current logic condition to arc monitors ZELK-2(3). This logic condition enables tripping if the arc is detected.

  • monitoring of switchgear feeding current
  • current logic conditions for arc monitors ZELK-2(3) and breaker fault unit ZPM
  • instantanous overcurrent tripping
  • remote indication of availability
  • testing in operation
  • galvanical insulation 2,5 kV between all insulated circuits
  • small dimensions, and simple mounting on rail DIN EN 50022-35

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