Software package MT QUALITY

MT-QUALITY software package is intended for power quality control, i.e. acquisition, registration, measurement analysis and reporting in the systems of production and distribution of electrical energy and in the electric power systems of large industrial consumers. The program enables the connection of various measuring devices into the power quality control system. Communication with measuring devices is achieved through standard communication protocols. Acquisition of measurements takes place completely automated. MT-QUALITY processes the acquired measurements and produces reports of the power quality.

Reporting system allows automatic storage and sending of predefined reports to e-mail addresses. The program enables different views of instantaneous measurements. For the individual device, graphical and numerical displays of all relevant measurements are available. Instantaneous measurements can be displayed at the level of the substation or voltage level (SCADA display). For registered measurements, graphical and numerical representations of all quantities, histograms, phase diagrams, harmonics views and transient, ITIC curves and DISDIP tables are available.

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  • automatic measurements acquisition and processing
  • automatic creation and sending of reports
  • background processing without user support
  • client / server architecture
  • user-configurable reports
  • power quality analysis according to EN50160
  • analysis and review of instantaneous measurements
  • analysis and review of registered measurements
  • analysis of events and transients
  • support for the MS SQL Server database
  • connecting with other systems
  • support for MODBUS RTU / TCP, FTP


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