Software package MT DIALOG 3

The MT DIALOG 3 software package is intended for analyzing the registered and instantenous values of the Measuring Terminals and allows reading and configuration of Measuring terminals via serial port, USB interface, Ethernet connection, or via RT-10X and RT-SQ handheld terminals. MT DIALOG 3 provides numerous ways of displaying and analyzing measurig quantities. In addition to standard displays such as histograms, daily diagrams, harmonics and phase diagrams, graphical and table display of measured values, the ability to analyze and report according to EN 50160 is available. Optionally, MT DIALOG 3 also enables automatic reading of registered values and making daily, weekly and monthly reports.

MT DIALOG 3 saves registered values into file based on the MS Access database. The same file can contain a large number of records from different types of Measuring Terminals.

All readings from the Measuring Terminals can be displayed in numeric and graphical form. The program enables simultaneous display from different Measuring Terminals. Various types of measured quantities can be displayed within the same graph with different scales to help establish the relationship between measured quantities.

Data from the database can be exported to MS Excel, CSV, Comtrade and optionally in PQDIF format for further processing.

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  • display, analysis and reading of the registered values
  • graphical and numerical display of current quantities
  • histograms, daily diagrams, phase diagrams
  • remote parameterization of Measuring Terminals
  • preparing the reports according to EN50160
  • support for MS SQL server
  • save to MS Excel, CSV, Comtrade, PQDIF

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