Alarm Monitor AM-xxE

Alarm Monitors AM-xxE represent the part of IEL’s range of annunciators. They offer economical solution for continuous monitoring of number of alarm contacts in processes, when there is no need for communication with the host. If the communication with the host is required it is necessary to apply monitors without “E” designation. Alarm Monitor recognizes alarm condition via potenial free or externaly supplied field contacts and controls visual and audible alarm indication. Alarm Monitor is developed to meet the most demanding reliability and availability specificatons, and it is intended for application in electric power plants, industrial plants and processes.

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  • economical solution for continuous monitoring of number of alarm contacts
  • microprocessor based processing of 8 or 16 alarm signals (AM-8E or AM16E)
  • user friendly monitor programming on site
  • alarm processing according to DIN 19235 or ISA alarm sequences
  • self test, local and remote signalization of availability
  • high immunity to electrical interference
  • time limiting of audible alarm
  • internal supplying of potential free input contacts galvanically insulated from auxiliary supply
  • forming of group alarm
  • first alarm recognition by quick flashing frequency
  • synchronized flashing for several AM-xxE monitors
  • easy entering of text for channels in prepared text forms
  • small dimensions according to DIN 43700 for flush mounting instruments
  • simple connection by plug-in terminal blocks

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